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It is all about Marsha Mehran – an international bestseller author – 1977-2014

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Marsha Mehran was a young, talented international bestselling novelist with a multi-national identity. She was born on 11 November, 1977 in Tehran Iran, and she lived in Iran, Argentina, America, Australia and Ireland. Her first book Pomegranate Soup was published in 2005, and became an international bestselling novel. Her sequel, Rosewater and Soda Bread was published in 2007, and her stand alone novel, The Margaret Thatcher School of Beauty, has been published by Harper Collins Australia and Neri Pozza Italy and will be published in Poland in June 2015. 

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  1. I love her writing, her humour, her sensibility. I wish I could have met her. She has an amazing voice and is a very talented writer. I am half way through Pomegranate Soup and I am inspired to try some of the recipes which I will cook in her memory. It’s traffic to learn that such a wonderful person meet her end like that. Seems it all started when she was forced to leave BrooklYn.

    • Thank you Julie! Glad you are enjoying Pomegranate Soup. And you are right about forcing her to leave her chosen home was the beginning of all problems

      Wishing your best

  2. I have just finished reading Pomegranate Soup and thought it was a beautiful book. I found the interwoven stories of food and life, both in Iran and Ireland, fascinating.

    • Thank you Kathryn; glad you enjoyed Pomegranate Soup, Soon you will see The Saturday Night School of Beauty, a stand-alone book by Marsha, will be released in September.
      Thanks again


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